The original oil stabilizer
Kit curăţare filtru de particule – DPF
Aditiv curăţare - regenerare filtru de particule – DPF
Aditiv multifuncţional Diesel Detox Pro
Aditiv motor - stabilizator ulei
Aditiv curăţare injectoare – diesel
Aditiv curăţare injectoare – benzină
Aditiv curăţare catalizator – sonda lambda
Aditiv tratare sistemul de injecţie – diesel
Aditiv tratare sistemul de injecţie – benzină
Aditiv curăţare injectoare jetski - bărci motor
Soluţie spălare motor
Soluţie spălare radiator
Soluţie etanşare radiator
Tratament ulei motor
Tratament cutie manuală
Tratament cutie automată – ATF
Tratament scurgere ulei
Octane booster
LPG valve saver
Soluţie curăţare motor 4 timpi
Soluţie curăţare scooter 2 timpi
Acticide antibacterial pentru diesel
Tratament pentru supape/valve hidraulice
Spray curăţare EGR - turbo
Spray P.T.F.E. - vaselină lichidă albă
Spray carburator
Spray degresant
Spray penetrant cu ulei
Spray – spumă curăţare auto
Soluţie - detergent curăţare jante
Pastă ceramică
Pastă cupru
Pastă aluminiu
Absorbant ulei
Adeziv PU Glue
Înlocuitor de plumb
Înlocuitor de plumb (cu dozaj)
RE–SEAL instant gasket
RE–SEAL MS polymer
Uleiuri de motor BELCO
  5in1 Octane Booster

5in1 Octane Booster

Octane booster is developed to boost octane number by 3 - 6 octane (30-60pts), improve and restore performance and clean fuel intake systems.

Increases octane number
Improves and restores performance
Prevents exhaust valve seatrecession
Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation
Improves combustion and fuel economy
Prevents spark plug fouling

All gasoline (leaded or unleaded) engines with injectors or carburetor. Will not harm catalytic converters.

Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with gasoline. One 325 ml bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of gasoline. Increases 60 points mixed with 25 litres and 30 points with 50 litres gasoline.
Dosage: Normal use: one bottle for each tank filling.

Made in Holland.